1 Sleep now, Dream will come out; Study now, Dream will come true. 此刻打盹,你將做夢;而此刻學習,你將圓夢。
2 The pain of study is temporary; the pain of not study ...is lifelong. 學習時的痛苦是暫時的,未學到的痛苦是終生的。
3 You do not lack time to study, you are lacking the efforts. 學習這件事,不是缺乏時間,而是缺乏努力。
4 Study is one but not the only component of your life, but if you cannot even overcome this single component, what can you overcome? 學習並不是人生的全部。但既然連人生的一部分(學習)也無法征服,還能做什麼呢?
5 Get up early, Grind out hardy, Gain on success. 只有比別人更早、更勤奮地努力,才能嚐到成功的滋味。
6 Nobody succeeds easily without complete self-control and strong perseverance. 誰也不能隨隨便便地成功,它來自徹底的自我管理和毅力。
7 Time pass by. 時間在流逝。
8 Stop walking today and you'll have to run tomorrow. 今天不走,明天要跑。
9 People who invest the future are the true realists. 投資未來的人是忠於現實的人。
10 No pain, No gain. 不勞則無獲。
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